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About the Company

Trends Unlimited is a mobile phone marketing services company that works with businesses and organizations (for-profit and non-profit) to integrate mobile phone communications into their overall marketing strategy. We help build customer or membership base, drive increased sales or donations, and build awareness -- plus we help execute it. Our solutions are cutting-edge, cost-effective and a great return on investment.

For Businesses:

We’ll help you leverage mobile phones with our services to get your customers to visit more often, buy more when they visit, and tell their friends.  We’ll help you leverage text messaging, QR Codes, mobile coupons, and social media to make your current advertising more productive generating more leads and new customers along with dramatically increasing your ROI.

We’ll work with you to build mobile databases for your customers and then implement mobile marketing campaigns targeting them and their friends. We have many services to help you build loyalty and drive your sales.  Contact us for a free consultation.

For Non-Profits/Schools/Clubs/Groups/Special Events/Churches:

Mobile marketing needs for non-profits, associations, schools, clubs, groups, teams, special events and churches are different than businesses.  We’ll help you leverage text messaging, reminders, mobile coupons, surveys, mobile websites & apps, and on-line donations to save time, be more successful with attaining your goals, and better communicate with your members, staff, and event attendees.

You will see better donation and fundraising results.  Save valuable time contacting members & staff and have better attendance at meetings and events.  You will more easily gain awareness about your group’s needs and increase your member base.  These are just some of the things we can help you with.  Please contact us for a free consultation so we can discuss your organization’s needs and customize a program for you.


Steve Liberman - Mobile Marketing Specialist

With over three decades of very successful marketing & sales experience, I have a unique skillset to help you develop and execute a Mobile Phone Marketing Strategy to grow your business or organization. I worked 15 years in retail/consumer products and another 15 years in the software industry. Plus, I saw what it took mom to be successful with her restaurant and catering businesses. I have also been active with non-profits working on donations and fundraising.

I started Trends Unlimited to provide mobile marketing services to small and medium sized businesses which include mobile websites and apps, text messaging, mobile coupons and punch cards, surveys, virtual business cards, QR codes and more. I'll help bring your customers in more often, leverage them to bring in new customers, and help your current advertising be more productive for a better ROI.

Twenty years ago my wife and I, along with our two kids, moved from Chicago to Charlottesville where we love to call home.  In my spare time, you will find me playing golf, fishing, attending/watching most any sporting event or volunteering in the community.

Half of my career was spent as an owner/partner building and running companies with direct responsibility for marketing and sales. I spent the other half of my career in sales and sales management. I am very sensitive to the needs of a small or growing company to be successful. My passion is helping businesses or organizations to grow their sales/revenues and I look forward to helping you with your Mobile Marketing Needs!

Contact Us for a Free Consultation and a Price Package Designed for your Business or Organization!

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